Oil Paintings in Timelapse- Run & Cycling Endurance Sports Theme, Dennis Caco

Dennis Caco- 5 oil paintings in Time Lapse

The challenge was to have 5 ENDURANCE SPORTS (Run,Cycling,Swim) themed paintings, for an artshow I scheduled in August. Problem was, 2 weeks before the show- I had NONE of the actual painting started. Yikes!

Also, I have never painted in Oil Color this way, in these styles, at this large size.

5 Styles of the paintings:

1) Traditional Oil Method
2) Abstract Minimalism
3) Van Gogh Style- Impressionism
4) Andy Warhol- Pop Art Culture, Screen/Litho Style
5) Piet Mondrian- Minimalism/Cubist

Time Lapse in 3 frames per Second.
Shot with Canon 60D and Intervelometer (From Amazon)

Video: teknovikings.com

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